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Placing a classified advert

 Place for sale adverts for your puppies, part and fully trained dogs.

Adverts are charged at £15 for 14 days

You do not need to be a full breeder member to place classified adverts.

  • Register as a classified user
  • Log in
  • Place classified advert
  • Fill out the form
  • You can upload upto 4 photos. The pedigree upload is not currently working.
  • If you do not receive a payment page you can click here to make payment or make payment via paypal to


If you do not get directed to the payment page please see the possible reasons below.

  • Photos too large - please resize them first probably to around a maximum of 25% of the original size. I would suggest placing the advert without photos first then uploading the photos after. If you have issues resizing etc you can send them to me via email after you have placed your advert.
  • Using an ipad this could cause issues.
  • Try a different web browser as the version could be causing issues.


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